An Estimation from the United States Census Bureau             1,736,000

I , Billy Joe Nuckles attended an official 2010 Census Conference in 2008 that the was directed to only the Native American Indians/Alaska Natives. They were trying to get everyone that has some Native American Indian blood degree to claim their heritage by marking the block Native American Indian /Alaska Native. The Census Bureau went to lots of expense trying to get this communicated before the 2010 Census. Ruth Allen has worked with the Census Bureau for probably over twenty (20) years but she could not attend the Native American Indian Census Conference at that time so I went in her place. I gave all the literature and information to Ruth but the State appointed another person for the Native American Indian 2010 Census Liaison Job and nothing got communicated before the 2010 Census.  All kinds of Literature was sent to every Secretary of State to get this information communicated.

The Director of the Southeast Census in Charlotte, North Carolina stated there was probably between eighty five (85) to ninety (90) million people in the United States that is of Native American descent and there was a major effort to try to get those people to claim their Native American Indian Heritage if they so choose. The Director also stated at the conference the US Census Bureau could not understand why the states did not recognize their Native American Indian People. The Director, Mr. Thatcher, also stated that anyone that has any amount of blood from any race can claim that race as their primary race. According to the 2010 Census results, there is a total population of 308,745,538 of people in the United States. Using the 85 to 90 million estimated number of Native American Indians in the United States and the total population, this would mean approximately twenty eight (28) percent of the population is of Native American Indian descent. The Census Directors could not understand why that such a low number of people stated they were from a Native American Indian descent.  They stated one of the reasons that the old Census forms previously had only race blocks (White, Black and other) to mark. Among many purposes of the Census Conference was to get the word out about the many race blocks that was going to be available on the 2010 Census form.

The Native American Indian and Alaska Native population for the United States, Regions, and States and for Puerto Rico went from 4,119,301 in 2000 to 5,220,579  in 2010 an increase of 26.7 percent so the word did get out to some degree. The biggest increase was from the South Region of the United States and it went from 1,259,230 in 2000 to 1,712,102 in the 2010 Census, an increase of thirty six (36) percent.

The southeast Census Director, Mr. Thatcher stated in the Native American Indian/Alaska Native Census Conference meeting he could not understand why states such as Tennessee had not recognized their Native American Indians as it was one of the more heavy Native American Indian populations that had not been recognized.  I told him if he only knew what was going on in Tennessee of the Federal recognized Tribes fighting State Recognition as they are doing also in other states.  The rumor from the Grape Vine that the BIA may be done away with and all the recognition will be done by the States. Some States with federal tribes have already began official state recognition of their Federal Tribes.

The 2010 Census listed the Native American Indian population in Tennessee at 54,874 an increase of 40 percent from the 2000 Census. Given the 85 to 90 million estimation above and the 6,200,000 total population in Tennessee, there is an estimation according to the United States Census Bureau of 1,736,000 Native American Indians living in Tennessee. Why are people still reluctant to let others outside of their Tribes, Bands, Clans, organizations, etc. know of their real race combinations? There are many reasons.

If you have any amount of Native American Indian Blood and wish to choose it, then do so. Please put it on the Censuses, Medical records etc. and if it is not documented, then please get it documented.


2008 Native American Indian / Alaska Native Census Conference Raleigh, North Carolina literature

2010 Census Forms


No History books will tell you this but I am sure you have heard of the Nazi Holocaust and the killing of the six Million (6,000,000) plus Jews but have you ever heard of the American Holocaust/Genocide which is better known as the killings of the Native American Indians and that number is estimated to be some where between 11,000,000 and 20,000,000 , that is between eleven and twenty MILLION Native American Indians and it is still going on today.

The Native American Indian also are the only group of people in the United States that are not allowed to practice their religion fully as stated in the recent trial of the United States Department of Interior versus the Lipon Apache recently in Texas. The civil and religious rights of Non-recognized Native Americans are still being ignored by the Federal Government. This was shown by the Federal court in McAllen Texas on Feb 21st. The US Dept of Interior won It's case against the Lipon Apache because they (had no right to or) broke the law by gathering or having a PowWow, advertising that PowWow and/or there was and exchange of money.

If this is of interest to you, please tell your government representatives to make a change. These are old laws that could and should be removed.